Leave that dog alone

In the course of our career’s as mothers we issue many dire warnings.  "wear a hat and mits or you’ll freeze to death!"
"Don’t run across the raod or you will get hit and die"
"Don’t ride in the back of the truck or you will fall out and get a head injury"
" Don’t jump on a tramoline or you will break your neck"
"Don’t bother that dog!"
Or at least my pass through motherhood has been filled with these and other cautions.  I suppose some people don’t warn or caution – at least the evidence says they may not, considering the multitude of injuries and traumas that befall children.
Like the ‘ don’t bother that dog!’.  Now being warned the best thing to possible do would be for the adult to remove the child from the area of influence of the dog.  That however might be seen as an inconvienience and so, we see a 4 year old trying to ride a golden retriever that is not his with his arms clasped tightly around the dog’s neck.
Now if you were a dog, what would you do?
That’s right, you’d rip his throat out. 
The child has been repaired – a tracheostomy to breath and sutures to close the gaping wounds.  The crushed trachea will be fixed later.  The dog is in quarintene as the owner of the animal had elected to not vacinate and so now, doggie must reside in isolation for 2 weeks after which he will be executed for the crime of being an animal.
Who is responsible?
Or perhaps the better question is, does it matter? 
There are no accidents they say, only preventable injuries

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