a crow in the grass

such a long time between entries, could it be that life offers nothing to comment upon?
Not really.  If anything it offers an abundance.  How to choose which should warrent my attention at this date?
Finally finished my ‘orientation’ in the ER here.  Adults (eck!!!) as well as children.  I find it …gasp, dare I say it…fun!  Like work used to be in younger days.  I love the movement of patients through the department, the challenge to get them in and out of your assigned beds with dispatch and satisfaction – not easily achieved, but easier than in alabama.  There certainly is less of the coddling of patients here.  The difference between a public and a private system or the difference between american expectations and canadian expectations? 
And yet the stupidity of humans continues in both countries.  Heat wave here this week.  Up to 34 degrees and of course with little air conditioning in homes it is stiffling at night when trying to sleep…so in comes a guy, old enough to understand the effect of heat upon the body, who’s complaint was ‘sweating’ and feeling ‘hot’
No duh.
By the time there was a bed for him he had of course discovered that this was not quite the emergency he thought it was.  I never got to see him.
The heat does seem to bring out the craziness in people though.  Three times I was required to administer the soup de jour for rampant nuttiness.  Big hulking tyrone was cooperative enough with my back up goon squad standing in the doorway, Sad, manic, middle class lady was verbally distressed byt physically cooperative.  My soul is going to hell for this act upon nature.  I hope the haldol/ativan combo made her feel better, and an angry-a- momma middle aged man was also cooperative with his injection.  I suspect this will not always be the case although I am grateful they were so this time.  The gypsy fairy wasn’t deemed crazy enough to require medication.  I guess you can only do so much as long as people keep their delusions and paranoia quiet and don’t disturb the rest of us they are free to go sans medication.
I thought her tale of Irish Argintinians terrorizing the residents of her senior apartment building by hacking into all the computers and sending them headaches and putting them in alberta hospital seems a bit over the top but until she acts out she remains safe.  The fairy dust was a nice touch though………
I called in sick today although I had intended to go to work.  My stomach seems to be in rebellion although I am not sure why.  After sleeping in and resting it seemed to be recovering until I ate dinner.  So I walked over to the 7/11 to seek a chocolate bar to see if that helped.  It is strange sometimes what makes me feel better.  Sometimes it is obviously low blood suger, sometimes who knows what it is…the same thing I have had for so many years.
I got a coffee to see how that worked.  Walked home along the trees by the school and gazed out at the track and the empty green field.  Seems so peaceful.  Found ayoung crow hunched down in the grass.  I suppose a fledgling terrifed…..I left it there in the hopes it will regain it’s self and trundle off.  Nature is not pretty, nor for the weak and thin skinned.