I can’t go to work today……!!!!

my horoscope says to stay home!

You may feel intensely reserved and withdrawn today, leaving you unable to concentrate on your obligations at home and at work. Your ability to communicate with others may also be compromised as you will likely find your thoughts wandering in the middle of conversations. If your first impulse is to retreat into your bedroom or some other private space in order to spend some time enjoying the peace and quiet of solitude, consider taking a personal day or completing as many of your duties as possible from home. The tranquility of solitude will likely engulf you like an embrace today, calming you and allowing you to access your most private thoughts with ease.

The cacophony of our worldly concerns can interfere with our ability to understand our own thoughts and feelings, so it is imperative that we take advantage of opportunities to be alone with only the stirrings of our minds and hearts for company. Solitude permits us to disengage from the mental and emotional patterns we adopt to help us cope with modern life. We consequently feel more attuned to what is taking place within rather than focusing on what is unfolding without. As we reconnect with our inner selves, the quiet and small voice of our innate wisdom becomes once more audible, and we relearn how to draw upon this gift in times of need instead of resorting to introverted behaviors. You will find your ability to capably shoulder your responsibilities returns today as you enjoy the benefits of self-imposed isolation.

Finally, someone else who validates my concerns for isolation.


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