Feel Violated?

Well you should.  You have been screwed 6 ways from sunday and most of the time you didn’t even get a kiss.

I foresee a backlash coming.  The growth of communication – ie this media – has led us to one understanding – that we can’t stand too much of other humans.  They are obnoxious, whiny and most often not worth our time and effort…..sure there are gems, which is what keeps us coming back.  The tiny feeble hope that we will brush up against another who feels like kin…another soul to buffet us from the onslaught of vile humanity.

I see a backlash for many communities and cities.  I see people in groups going back to the ideology of the sixties, only with eyes open and wisdom to prevail.  Smaller groups of people able to live and work together to provide an environment of safe haven.  Our golden years beckon, is living in a dirty, crowded city filled with rude cellphone talkers and loud restaurant discussers how you want to live out your last age?

We grew from our private and idyllic childhood, wrapped in cotton batting to safe guard our innocence, entering into a time of promise and exploration.  It seemed ripe and full and offered us the tantalizing carrot of a world of our design.  Yet somewhere, somehow, something went terribly wrong with our design.  Somewhere along the path we lost all good sense, all knowledge of how to act in public and in private.  Somewhere someone put forth the concept that we had RIGHTS! and that our RIGHTS were paramount….above and beyond anyone else’s rights. 

We learned how to whine effectively.  We learned how to become obnoxious and complain so effectively that one person’s dislike of something could shut it down despite the approval and enjoyment of 20 others.  We learned that honking horns and flashing fingers, spitting on the sidewalks and the rolling of eyes were our birth right.  We learned that going straight to the top to solve our problems was effective and resulted in a gratifying put down of those who crossed us. 

Did we forget how to be self- sufficient?  Did we forget or did we never know how to see others with eyes that didn’t find fault and offense, but rather looked at the other as a human with the same failings and flaws as us?  Did we lose our hope and promise of a better world around about the time we discovered that we had bills to pay and children to feed?  Is the loss of hope and promise what we have given to this current culture – is that our legacy and our consequences?


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