have you got your socks on?

Yep, it’s definately time to put on the socks.  The signs are there…school starting, rain, freezing toes….I wore flip-flops this evening in defiance, but yeah, I have my socks on – but only when I go out of the house.  I am still sockless inside.  I will resist to the last.
What with the cooler weather it has been a challenge to dress for walking to work.  Last night I got caught in the rain, this evening it threatened me but I missed it.  I figure if I walk faster I will be warm enough and home soon enough.
Work.  Now there’s an experience.  Today all the nagging and reminding and cajoling people regarding the importance of safety checks  came to fruition.  Mid-afternoon the alarms started going off.  All of them.  It was quite the din and it took a few seconds to realize it was all of them, but every ventilator was alarming.  There was no oxygen pressure.  Staff jumped and got eveyone on a bagger and a portable tank and none of the aptients had any ill effects.  What a great bunch to work with!  Soon discovered it was the whole freeken hospital!  How often does that happen?  Never thought it wouldm that’s for sure……Still no word on why the pressure dropped, but I’m sure it will be examined to death.
For once it was easy to do the right thing.  I guess that when it counts, in an emergency, staff were able to pull through and do what needed doing for the patients.  So the system does work, it just seems like it doesn’t!  The challenge to provide safe patient care goes on.  Not only though is it due to no nurses but we also must add disrupted oxygen flow.  Is this a harrbringer of things to come?
Brrrr!  what a thought!  Put on your socks!

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