morning musing

How does this work?  Every time I have a day off with nothing to get up for, I am awake earlier than I would be if I had to go to work.  This morning I finally got up around 0630 – but had been awake for about an hour before that!  My only goal today is to get the grass cut and paint the basement suite….If I was working today I would still be asleep.  Maybe the sunrise has something special to show me this morning?


Speaking of the grass, the rabbit was out there earlier this week when I took the garbage to the alley.  I nearly stepped on him.  It was nice to see him still in his summer clothes.  NOAA (national ocean and atmospheric association) doesn’t begin predicting winter weather for another day.  Environment Canada says the temperature will be above normal in the north and in a small dot right here…of course when you look at their historical % correct map it seems they are notoriously not better than chance at predicting

And while the bunny is still in his summer attire, the colours this fall and winter will be bright and bold.  Purple wine, cashmere rose, lemon curry, green moss, a soft violet blue, a blue grey green, a deep turquoise, chili pepper red, burnt ochre and an espresso brown. I’m betting the stores here have nothing but brown.


I read this past week that the AACCN has published a paper detailing how toxic the environment is where ICU nurses work.  And they are not talking about hazardous waste spills!  No, rather they feel that we, as nurses are being mean and picking on each other.  They are even calling it lateral violence.

Violence huh?  Seems to me that someone doesn’t know what real violence is.  Of course rude, juvenile behaviours like those described in the paper are acceptable, unprofessional and downright childish, neither are they violent.  This is not to say that lateral violence could NOT occur…..I have a co-worker who became so stressed by the actions of co-workers that he believed that they were targeting is car in the parking lot.  Of course he didn’t report it, nor most of the actions of his co-workers.  The typical cry of ‘…but management does nothing!’ is the usual response from nurses who believe they are being victimized by their co-workers………and so the behaviour continues, the mis-communication continues and the perception of self as a victim continues.

But how is management supposed to ‘DO SOMETHING" when nurses don’t report it?  management is not capable of omnipotence despite what nurses seem to think.  Granted when you feel beaten down you are less likely to report or seek help from those in place to help you – battered wife syndrome – but when this lateral violence happens (ok, let’s call it what it is – lateral hostility), it is essential that the situation is dealt with.  I’m betting that those 18% of the nurses who feel they experienced verbal abuse from another nurse in the past year had communication difficulties with that nurse previously or continuously. 

I remember one nurse I worked with when I started in the ICU who treated me with derision and contempt.  She was a difficult person from many people to work with – she universally treated most like shit.  One night I was giving her report and she was ignoring me or saying ‘I know!  I know!" when I tried to tell her about the patient’s day and condition.  Finally I stopped and told her ….’ well since you know everything about the patient I’m not giving you report’ and walked out of the room.  She came running after me apologizing.  We finished up report and she never treated me that way again.

I feel that while some of the concerns are valid about hostility in the workplace, there is a great number of people who are willing to be a victim or who are LOOKING to be a victim.  They find insult and injury in every interaction and feel slighted daily.  This has little to do with workplace violence or hostility but rather with their inner demons and needs.

Nurses want to be considered professionals then they need to stop whining about being picked on, stand up for themselves and be professional.  Sometimes a co-worker’s actions to you is not about you.


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