weekend warrior

Oh my aching head!  I seem to have found my self in withdrawal this morning.  After a few short weeks of experimenting with a known addictive substance, I have a physical withdrawal…cured, fortunately, by hair of the dog, so to speak.
Yes, I have found a way to take in some coffee on a daily basis….though now I am having to reconsider that concept.  I was really enjoying it too.  I was able to start my mornings with a nice lactaid, half chocolate1%latte…and it really isn’t true coffee as it was from the product called encore – a coffee chickory blend – yet here it is, the typical weekend headache of the more addicted coffee consumers.  Wow.  And I had thought I was on to something great as I could have a latte and feel full for hours and then another one in late afternoon seemed to allow me to get my dairy intake yet not feel sick………
But come to think of it all, perhaps the dizziness and anorexia this past week could be all part of this.  Maybe my delightful repast of a daily coffee is to blame?  Oh!  Say it isn’t so!!
I had found the perfect food substance.  A latte.  Made with lactaid milk both chocolate and white, one cup total milk and heated in the microwave (probably not good for it….) then mixed with a small bit of boiled water and the encore.  It met my chocolate need, my warm drink need, and my dairy need…all in one.  Could it be more perfect?   Add in some concord grapes – their perfect round slippery sweetness rolling around my mouth – ah heaven on earth!
sad though to think the coffee must go.  Will the grapes taste quite as sweet?

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