Back in the U Sssss A

I have been saying for the past couple years that the country has seen it’s rise and is on the downward slop, but it seems to be picking up speed and is careening calvin-like towards the cliff. It’s easy to lose sight of what goes on living here in the isolated sub-division of a small alabama town. I tend towards silence in my home. The tv is only on when I watch it and rarely does a radio play – perhaps that is why I like the computer for my news source – it is quiet except for the clickity click of the keyboard. But here in alabama the tv is on whenever one of the two adrenalin junkies is up. TV without reason I call it. It is a cluture shock to be bombarded with the stuff and nonsence of the idiot box.

 I heard today of the US new policy regarding network technolgy – an aim to make it illegal to take the technology out of the country! Who dreams up this shit? Not only is a great deal of the technology used in computers, blackberies, cell phones and what ever else they are targeting, NOT american, how the hell will this impact on the millions who are involved in international business? Sometimes it seems that the us of hey is out to enhance the circling the drain of it’s culture.

More disturbing news from the us of hey! "According to Canadian officials who track such things, six Washington lawmakers have so far this year stated that Sept. 11 hijackers entered the United States through Canada.  ( )

Disturbing indeed as this is the country that despite actually LIVING through the attack of september 11th and watching the televised war on terror, now has a greater than 50% of the population who think that the reason they are at war agaisnt Iraq was because they flew the planes into the towers! They don’t even believe their own memories here, they believe what FOX tells them. And now what they are beling told is that WE are the source of the terrorists! Omminous posturing by politicians – most certainly, but remember fellow babies, that’s how they entered Iraq. Unless our nose up the backside of the pres i dent pm stevie puts his foot down and demands a retraction we will be the next target. When can we get rid of this guy and get someone with enough gonadas to stand up and insist that we are not to be a casulty of the US election?

And now the prime duffus has stuck his nose up farther, if possible, with his ‘new anti-drug strategy’ of spending 64 fing million dollars on appeasing the rapidly deteriorating and decompensating mess to the south. "About $10 million has been allocated in the plan to fund an awareness campaign directed at young people. The government wants to remind youth about the dangers of marijuana and that the drug remains illegal. The Conservatives quashed a bill from the previous Liberal government decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana shortly after coming to power last year — despite support for the resolution in the House of Commons from every other party. Since then, drug-related arrests have spiked dramatically across the country with a number of Canadian cities reporting arrest increases by more than one-third." Remember kiddies, this prime brown noser has once again made it illegal to havee personal amounts of pot in your possession. You can bet the safe injection site will be next on his list of noooo!

Did YOU vote for this ass? Maybe it is being down here in the land of the not-so-free and the home of the paranoid that gives me perspective on our own great white north, but I fear that the prime and the pres are both on the toboggon dragging us over the edge.