I think one of my many fans from the ‘I hate heath’ fan club might have cursed me. They, individually certainly have a lot of venom towards me, and I could see one or two of the more revenge driven ones who have previously threatened a ‘smack down’, giving it a whirl.

Now I’m not one for believing in outside supernatural powers like that, but it is certainly starting to feel ominous. I lay awake last night for a long time with a vague feeling anxious dread. So many places where things could go horribly wrong. Like….

Water. We never really give it as much thought and attention as it deserves. We are privileged spoiled brats in our country. You turn on a tap and out comes, mostly clean clear water fit for drinking, cooking or just wasting by running down the drain. And how often do you appreciate your indoor flush toilet? I’m betting not nearly enough. Every time you go in the bathroom you should marvel at the miracle. The city worker knocked on the door yesterday bright and early to tell me the water main was broken and they would have to turn off the water. Sure I said, and I figured a couple hours …….                                      hours later I still have no water.  More hours and the sun is setting and the little men and the big truck have disappeared. I called epcore to find out what the hell is going on. He assures me that they are still working on it. In the mean time, Ally comes home and is looking for water to try and clean a pan as nothing has been washed all day. So off I go to Safeway to BUY some water just incase this drought lasts through the night. After a long break, the second crew shows up. Sometime during Private Practice they are running water onto the street so I figure that must mean things are hooked up. So I run taps and brownish water(?) comes out and flush toilets until what I see is reminiscent of what I have been privileged enough to expect. Then I waste more water by running the dishwasher and the washing machine. Ah, the comforts of privilege.

Or Ally. I was sound asleep when the phone rang and she was crying and telling me she knocked her tooth out. I try to find out if it is completely out and she assures me it is through her weeping. I go pick her up wondering how it can be fixed as she says she doesn’t have the tooth. I know a knocked out tooth, put in milk and be replaced if does within a short period of time, but she doesn’t have the tooth. When I get her I find it is the corner of the tooth that is broken off.  She is a mess of course and her whole tooth is numb so she can’t feel how much is really gone. We get home and she is hyperventilating and trying to tell me what happened – a simple accident – yes, alcohol was a factor – and when she finally sees her tooth she starts all over again because now she looks like a hillbilly.

Or work. I had such a great job and now I don’t. I have a potential job, but until I have the actual title I only have a potential job and the current one is making that pain in my back every time I work. You know the one, the knife in the back pain just below one shoulder – which is interesting considering I was stabbed in the back. I find that ‘the betrayer’ as I now call her, has been trying to recruit my co-editor to continue the newsletter with her. My co-editor has declined so together we will put out the last issue of teh PICyUne Press for December. What the betrayer wants to then is up to her. I have had to be the one to tell everyone that I no longer have the quality position and that there has been no plan revealed to me about how it will carry on. People are disturbed and indignant for me and everyone feels that it was a real kick in the head after all the work and time and effort I put into this. Apparently Allan is asking why all the senior nurses are leaving. Perhaps I will tell him. I find it unfathomable that the medical director would not be consulted in such a change as eliminating the position I was in, especially given his passion about the quality improvement in the unit. I suspect there are darker forces at work there – such as barb and alf don’t see eye to eye on things. I also think barb may have reached her pinnacle of success in this position and is looking to move on…..just a sense I get. It would be rather ironic for her to leave after decimating the senior population of nurses in teh unit.

One thing that is going well is school. Who would have thought that I would actually enjoy it?  Well, actually, I would have thought that if I gave it any thought. Online learning is just right for me. One of my instructors is a little vague, but there are plenty of vague humans out there. Unfortunately vagueness is not a very good online quality for communication, but in 4 weeks this semester will be over and we will move on.  I really don’t have a much of a sense of my classmates – there are just too many of them to remember.

The only problem with the online learning is that it really leaves me so little time for my personal writing – that book may have to wait.

So I figure I need to do a magical cleansing and set up some guards to reflect and a way to lift that curse..



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