the ravings of a disturbed nurse.

What is it that compels normal people to poke, prod, pat, tickle, stroke and in various other ways, disturb a sleeping, medicated patient?

Is it a failing of character that once they are asleep they can no long pay attention to you?  And it is ALL about you, isn’t it?

If I am ever in the position to be sitting at the bedside of anyone who is sedated and settled and I feel compelled to pat them and prod them until they wake up, feel free to cuff me about the head.

And of course, I know nothing about what might be in the patient’s best interests. "he’s confused because of all the drugs!", momma claims.  NO, he is irritated that you keep trying to insist that he engage in interaction with you. He is sedated and wants to sleep. You know what happens to people when they are given benzodiazapams and then have some fool keep them awake?  They get agitated and irritable! That was not a reverse effect of the drug that you noticed previously, it was because YOU keep trying to disturb him. Granted, I realize that your being a tweaker during your pregnancy with him means you have to show all of us just how devoted and attentive you really are as a mother, but really, the only person you are fooling is yourself. I can smell the alcohol on you when you come back from your ‘smoke break’ and I know it isn’t hand sanitizer. Kudos to you for trying to explain to the child in adult terms what has been happening. Try not doing it when he is whacked out of his head. Just because he sits up does not mean he is lucid.

And guess what? We, the health care professionals, DO actually have a clue about how to sedate  and treat children who need to be ventilated and intubated.  If YOU as a mother had not kept a stash of candy and junk food at his bedside (I wonder what for), then he would not have eaten it when he was supposed to be NPO for surgery, Then he would not have aspirated during the OR and he wouldn’t be intubated with pneumonia now. So when we say NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK, we actually mean it for a good reason. You are damn lucky he didn’t arrest.

And the reason he needs such high doses of drugs comes once again back to you. Tweaking during pregnancy effects the developing brain and so you child is born with a tolerance.  Just my theory mind you, but what do I know?


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