And winter it is.

I can tell by the down vest I wear continually and the unshovelled sidewalks and steps and finally by the annual solstice dinner. Pasta to remind us of the leaner years when pasta was all we could afford. Sure we could eat better on this night, but tradition started with pasta and pasta it will be. Of course we are able to add a lot of fresh vegetables, probably imported from south america and chinese oranges, but still the pasta.

Many years have past the sun rise and set of this winter’s night and family has altered through the time. Some are here, some are gone and some new ones added in. Freya, lovely child, made the rounds tonight charming all, just like her namesake. Still it is a family night of food, wine and companions to pass the winters with. Early on we are yawning, and some are napping, as we become our parents and our grandparents.

Off into the cold winter night with songs and laughs and warming cars; baby blankets, bottles and diaper bags. Off to snuggle down under the covers and wish for spring, hoping to sleep away a few more hours of cold.

Here I am, left with cats and presents to wrap and a wonder at what tomorrow will bring.



Fractal Art by Vicky Brago-Mitchell


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