And in a breath

Dragged kicking and screaming into the new century, I have finally become the owner of an iPod. A christmas present from B&K, it is a tiny little thing, smaller than a package of matches. I attempted, a few years ago, to join in with everyone else who was finding the soundtrack of their lives, but I could not make the damn mp3 player work. Way too many functions. I want simple from my electronics. I want to push one button, play, and have things happen with ease and simplicity. This seems to have all I desire. Now if I can only get my life’s soundtrack right.

Interesting the music you would choose to define yourself, isn’t it? I have music in my head that I can’t get out. Like the song from 35 years ago that I have searched and searched for. My memory tells me that it was called Beautiful day, by the group It’s a Beautiful Day, but I have been unable to locate the fantasy music in my head.

But there is some I can find…..Blackbird, Free Bird, Copperhead Road. Tonight on the radio I heard Innagoddavida. Wow. Now that is one I think I need. Love songs like that and Don’t Fear the Reaper just are not written anymore. Although I do find death cab for cutie’s, I will follow you into the dark, to be a somewhat Petshop boyish style of dark love songs.

Then there is the song in my head for the Lakeview concert. Mashmakan. Does anyone remember that one? As years go by. The summer of 1970. Lakeview. A night on the verge of promise and life. I horde those snippits of life away in my head, along with the music I can only find wrapped around the memories.

The dead play round and round shyly dancing in bare feet and an innocent sense of lightness.

Tormented angst ridden youth of so long ago, really not so different than tormented angst ridden youth of today. What happened to that girl? Did she get to realize her dreams? Did she even have any? Is she still there under the trees by the lake listening to the years go by? Or living with eyes closed in strawberry fields forever? Perhaps she is still moving from concert to party to eternal summer forever looking for the perfect shore on which to write the sound track of her life.

Do you love me?


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