a little chilly

Just when you think, "ha! I can manage this!" nature pays you with a slap shot up side the head. It doesn’t pay to get cocky. Or to forget to change out your motor oil in the fall.

Amidst the current ‘cold snap’ my car has decided to give up. Oh there is still a spark, but just not quite enough to get it to turn entirely over. It has been boosted, plugged in and given a new battery. It even had a electric heater for a few hours last night. I thought I hear one brief valiant cough this morning but sadly, it sill cannot go.

Of course trying to get a tow truck is like trying to win the lottery. Remind me again what is the purpose of buying an AMA membership? Bastards won’t even answer their phone. Finally, on day three I get through to another company who will cheerfully pick up and drop off my car at the garage when it will enjoy some warmth and companionship from other similarly stricken cars and perhaps a nice warm oil flush.

Of course part of the responsibility must go to JD. he arrived a week ago from Afghanistan, and so it must, in consequence, drop to absolute miserable temperatures. Last week was quite tolerable, he even commented on how exhilarating it was to get out and walk and know you could survive in the weather. That was last week. He still seems to think that a walk would be possible this week…of course he DOES own some cold weather clothes in order to do his job over in god’s country….but I don’t, and I am not thinking of walking anywhere.

Funny how cabin fever develops as soon as you know you can’t go anywhere. Suddenly it becomes important to go to the books store, or out for lunch, or……

Watching the homeless on tv puts it all in perspective though. There is a man and his wife living in a tent somewhere out there….a tent with no door. How do people do this? I don’t understand living in a tent. Even Suncor is stuck down today

Of course it could be worse. I could have needed to get to work this week. Fortunately, this is my holiday – until Friday. Then I am back at work. Work, which is a whole other issue…..


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