through chaos

I’m sitting watching the sun rise this Family day morning. It’s a pale insipid sunrise with the sky and the highlite of pink clouds reflecting the still frozen ground below. I am grateful to the conservatives for giving us Family Day, even though it was just another one of Ralph’s ploys to get votes…or was it Lougheed? They all blend together after too many years………

This election campaign is pretty insipid as well. I didn’t even know there was an election campaign underway until yesterday when I came across a plethora of vote for me signs and sean got a phone call here from the Notley woman. It makes no difference, they will be elected again…..which is good because kristin will continue to be employed.

JD writes about the changes in contract details in the far off land. Apparently some bright spark decided that allowing them to take time off when they needed it was not a good idea and so the possibility is that when you extend your contract you don’t get to go on leave before starting the new contract. To add insult to injury they have determined that 28 days is all the time off you get during a six month contract. There is debate whether that 28 days included the every Friday off they are supposed to be taking but haven’t been. If so, it will mean 6 months with no time off. I fail to see how this is a good idea in anyone’s book, but I suppose they hired some accredited fool who really has very little clue in how to manage people.

Big brother has moved to Vancouver this year to live the life we all dream of. I looked at the job posting in lotus land, and although I would love to move, the ennui of staying put has once again taken a hold of me. Moving is such damn work. maybe if JD stays in hell instead of coming home in April I will take a trip out west to breath fresh warm air.

Work is improving is some ways. I am so please to have this opportunity. Patient safety and quality is a fascinating field and I hope to propel this in to consultant work. Working in this unit will be great experience for what ever is thrown at me next. The behaviours of the fearful are so transparent once you realize the driving force. I still wonder at the human mind’s reluctance to change, especially in healthcare – you spend your whole working life preparing for some change in patients, watching for it, assessing for it, monitoring for it, yet when someone indicates that that YOU might have to change your behaviours the wailing starts. The way forward is through chaos. (Note to self, remember this next time you feel to sluggish to move!)