Catching up

It’s been forever, hasn’t it? I’m starting to feel overwhelmed – does that ever go away? Do we ever grow up enough that we feel in charge and in control?
School is becoming stressful – the specialization starts next week and I can barely find time to skim over the readings and slap something coherent down to submit. Now I have to add in field experience and journaling of the experience – oh and a goal. I need a freeken goal! I’ve managed to get through life so far without a goal and now I need one. I’m so paralyzed I can’t even make one up.
The baby is being stubborn and it causes me worry. I worry about Brooke and that everything will be OK. By virtue of my job I know all that can go so very wrong in a hospital and so I worry when anyone bumps up against the health care system. Yeah, I’m working to make it better, but so often I feel like one lone voice screaming in the wilderness of health care chaos.
On the upside I walked over to the new Sobe’s across the street from the hospital. It is very nice for a grocery store. Lots of take out, just right for university area. And best of all, they know how to use Lactaid milk! I got a latte that I can drink – what a treat! There is no parking of course, but it is a walk in kinda place and the produce looks good. It will be a nice change from hospital food.
Alex got back from Vancouver this morning with poor results. There is no place to rent or to get a job in Vancouver it seems. I realize that might be a bit of an over exaggerations, but it will make the next few month challenging. She is supposed to start school in January. I’m think this means a trip out there to find some place next month. The college has no residences or resources to help students find a place to live which is just beyond my ken.
And back on the chaos, JD has a new job back in Afghanistan. New company, new status, new roles and stresses. He leaves in a few weeks so I guess that is at least something. He is still trying to get all the paper work in and figure out what he will need. Fortunately they provide him with a uniform and body guards – or so I am told.
Now that I write it out it doesn’t seem so overwhelming, but I haven’t even gone into work. Too many projects tugging in too many directions. Family participation and presence. MET, CLI, VAP. Mentoring. Staffing. Retention.
Ah well, back to work