May the road rise up to greet you

After about 8 hours in the car listening to ally’s choice of music and wondering if the breaks are really good, I discovered several important things. One, her choice in music really isn’t bad, it’s just never ending. Silence is not only not golden, it isn’t an option. Round about getting out of Kelowna I had to ask for some quiet time so she plugged herself in and I was left with the drone of the road.

Two, the breaks work fine. However after many hours of clutching the steering wheel I was getting carpel tunnel in both hands. There must be 10 passes to climb and decend. The traffic was as non-existent as the snow until entering the interior valley and then suddenly people came out of the trees and congregated in the lane in front of me. Kelowna, where I had not been in many years, has become a unpleasant place to drive. Too much traffic, too many people and I wanted out.

Which led me to my other important discovery. Well, not really a revelation, but I don’t like crowds or groups of people and city living is only tolerable if I avoid both. Out on the highway I was much more content to feel the isolation whizzing past and wonder about where obscure roads led and if I could live way out there in one of those remote houses high on a hill side. Discovering your muse can be an epiphany. No wonder I can’t write at home, it is the road that takes me there. I need the travel to see the trees, smell the air and stimulate my creativity. The problem is the people though. I wonder if AMA does trips to exotic locals where you can avoid crowds? Could you market that? “Want to see the world but not the people? Join us on a tour of the world’s greatest spots without the world’s teeming masses!” Where can you go except the deepest darkest jungles and Antarctica? Neither hold much appeal. And could you even get a decent cup of tea in either?

Another important confirmation was that a cuppa is rather curative. I like the sushi place over here in whatever part of Vancouver I’m in (Kingsway Mall is just out side). They bring you a cup of steaming green tea with the menus…so when you are exhausted and starving the tea is essential as you pick your fishy choices. They also have a nice selection of vegetarian rolls in case you just can’t stomach more raw fish.

And on stomaching, I woke with a killer headache. I haven’t really had many headaches for years since moving out of Calgary, but lately, with visits to Calgary I have started again. Last weekend it was a Chinook moving in, this morning who knows? Do they have the same phenomenon here? I found myself shortly after rising with my head resting on the seat of the toilet as I purged my hotel tea. It was all very sad. All alone, vomiting and nothing for nausea or pain in my bag. And you call yourself a nurse.





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