The summer court

It’s spring, finally. You know how I can tell? Old stories tell of the moving of the fairy court on May 1 and October 31. Moving from winter to summer court and back again. Well, the court has moved and out on the streets of river city is proof. Fairy folk with their multicoloured hair, flowing skirts and belts, bells and twigs as decoration are visible anywhere and everywhere. You can find them in the grimy alleyways or in the bright sunshine. Selling beads on strings or taping posters to lamp posts. Among the fairy folk you can see evidence of troll/human hybreds as well. The new breed of city trolls are distinguishable by their size. I saw a couple today. He with a high pompadour emblazoned with an orange streak, carefully sculpted sideburns reminicent of Elvis and a dark pinstriped jacket with narrow black jeans. She with platinum blond flowing locks and a slinky black dress that revealed multiple spider and other small tatoos on legs and feet and arms. I think besdies their size, their feet are a give away as to their orignins. Size massive feet and the crowning touch, pierced lower lips. Anther giveaway was their loud bousterious voices, engaging all on the street and their strangly similar facial features – round noses, broad cheeks and wide foreheads – they could have been twins.

When you go out on the street you must be alert or you will miss the amazing features of the day. As I strolled back down 104th street heading south with my package of Fuss cupcakes, there was more evidence of the oddities of spring. A tiny older oriental woman making her way down the street, looking about, interested in the stores and the spring people. Behaind her came a very talk not oreintal man in a dark suit with his hands clasped behind his back. He maintain a three pace behind her distance. As I came along behind her she was stopped by someone coming out of the door of the store – "Ms. Clarkson?"

Wow, I thought. Only in Canada. No cameras, no police, no helicopters, motorcycles, crowds of obvious security. Just a simple older oriental woman going for a walk on whyte avenue in the spring sunshine. A walkabout to experience what we all experience. In my leadership courses they extol the value and necessity of leaders getting out there and making informal contact. Of being present and approachable and nowhere have I seen this demonstrated more clearly and the tiny older oriental woman walking down Whyte Avenue on a saturday afternoon.

Do we live in a great country or what?