So this is 2010?

That is some full moon caught in the windy trees out my livingroom window. If it was even the slightest bit reasonable outside I’d search for some great photo-ops. However, the wind is high and the temperature is low which equals death in minutes and I am not yet willing to risk the tiny bit of warmth and comfort I find this morning for a picture. A fire truck blasts past, siren screaming. Someone, is having a real crappy first morning of the new decade.
My growing dissatisfaction from the past year has not miraculously dissipated. I have however had a slight epiphany this season that I may, possibly be just a bit difficult to live with on a day to day basis. I have, shall we say, a few odd little quirks. Oh nothing like a fear of wooden spoons or the word ‘moist’, but definately a few things that could lead to massive miscommunication and feelings of rejection. I suffer from sensory overload syndrome. SOS. Ironically the help that is needed is to reduce, reduce, reduce. The noise, sights, smells and feel of life around me is enough on most days to cause me to crawl into a cave if it wasn’t so damn cold. Maybe a nice snug warm cave, with a fire, and heated rocks on the floor and a nice open access so as to not feel cavelike. But no wind, or chill.