Social Media and the interwebs as a tool to measure the index of problem drinking behaviours

Drinking behaviours often result in a multitude of relationship breakdowns. This is not isolated to our primary significant other relationships, but also friends, work, business and complete stranger relationships. As humans we relate to others on a daily basis – unless you’ve elected to be the hermit in the hill, live in a cave and survive on roots and berries.

So as a personal development tool to insight on your own potential interrelationship red flags, screen all the photos of you posted online. Count up the number of photos of you online (TP). Now count up the number of photos of you with an alcoholic drink in hand (AD). Now divide the AD by the TP and multiply by 100. That will provide you with your index of possible social event relationship difficulty. If the index is greater than 50% you are in the potential problem grouping. If it is greater than 75% you are in the always a problem grouping.

If there are ANY photos of you involved in something like this, immediately add 25 points to your AD number.


Alternatively, if you look like this in any of your photos, recognize that you have a problem and seek help immediately. It’s not too late.

As a final act of humility, google yourself and any online user names you have used. Brrr. Chilling.

Remember reflecting on who we were is the best way to move towards who we want to be.


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