The Perfect Breakfast Spot

Remember when Nellies on 17th was 5 tables and you didn’t have to wait in line? Remember when it was you and a few other freaks that knew about the joys at eating breakfast after a late night and various diversions? Remember when eating breakfast out was something done by truckers and a few other people working in the late night entertainment industry?

Breakfast out has become a norm of the culture now. It is grandparents, small children, hung-over classmates, singles, families and all sorts in between.

Used to be Smitties for pankcakes, now there is a wide assortment of choices from the expanded Nellies and the trendy Coras to buffet at the MacDonald’s. (not the fast food place)

We are a weird culture. We take our fringe-dweller’s activities and turn them into standard family fare. Just watch, I’m betting we see body modification children soon


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