Migraine Diaries continued

I used to get a nice warning of an oncoming migraine. It looked much like the picture above. However, if nothing else the migraines are ever changing in aura. Gone now is my scintillating scotoma, but not the visual experience. Now I get what is refered to as coronal phenomenon, with scotoma, headache, abdominal pain and as an added bonus, mental confusion. Have I mentioned mental confusion?

This week when I got to work a startled co-worker asked with horror what was wrong with my eye. Apparently I had a small bleed  and looked ghoulish. Shortly after I got the coronal phenomenon, with a few black lines across the visual field. It looks like everything is extra sharp, or in relief – standing out away from the background. Then the headache, which was, interestingly on the same side as the eye bleed. When I went to fax a document I stood looking at the machine and couldn’t remember how to do it. I remembered another time when I couldn’t remember how to photocopy and had to get the secretary to show me – I suspect she thought I was just being a bitch, or had lost my mind. The loss of how to do something seems to be related to technological equipment, but what happens when I suddenly forget how to drive while I am driving?

I did get the document faxed with some help from a different secretary, but had some word loss for a few hours. Oh, not complete aphasia, but just a few words here and there – sure it makes you look like an idiot, but at least most of the surrounding words make sense.

Losing a word here and there certainly is better than developing a case of extreme stink-eye and ripping out someone’s carotid because they seemed to be breathing too loud.

In the cold, staging or finding a begining and end to a migraine is often confusing. Definately environmental triggers but is it just one long migraine from October to June?


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