A blog from Legal Nurses of Canada caught my eye.

Nurses do make a difference in outcomes. Florence knew this and every year research validates this as current and continuing to be true. The cost of a senior nurse so far does not equal 2 junior nurses, however some local health care organizations are pushing to increase the number of full-time positions and encouraging departments to reduce part-time positions. Senior nurses, some who are very close to being considered actual seniors, need modifications to the work environment to continue working. Many love the work they do but are finding 12 hour shifts, 40+ hours a week tiring and often exhausting. Part-time positions allow their knowledge and expertise to remain in the clinical area while granting them the chance to balance their work-life ration to meet their own needs too. Because the nursing workforce has primarily been female who excel at subjugating their own needs over those of others, health care organizations have done little to improve the work-life balance. When the contract negotiations come out it seems to always be about the dollars, when in reality, it is much more complex than that. Yes, if you throw enough money at people they will come to work anyway, but really, is all we need at the bedside a warm body? Or are we truly committed to providing the highest level of care?


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