A travel journey. Don’t.

Deep in the wee hours when sleep is expected I count the LED lights within the hotel room at the Holiday Inn in Columbia off the interstate. One on the microwave, one on the smoke detector, one on the TV and one on the alarm clock, which I will not need, beside the bed. And the reflections of those lights in the mirror. Too many lights for me to sleep, even if I could, which I can’t, due to snoring.

No, not my snoring.

I readily admit to being a restless, light sleeper, but nothing puts me off my game more than snoring. I don’t take comfort in hearing anyone else breathe, I don’t even want to hear myself breathe. Breathing, as a physiologic phenomenon should be fairly silent, noise indicates a disturbance and is something that should have been attended to before I am subjected to its sleep disturbing effects. I don’t get how anyone can actually sleep through their own snoring, but apparently it is possible.

I understand there are a variety of reasons for this symptom to occur, but I simply, in my sleep deprived state, don’t care. Would a pillow over the face be so wrong?

Only slightly more irritaitng will be the apology upon waking to discover I have been awake longer than I was able to sleep. “I’m sorry” loses any impact after a 13 hour drive through tornado strewn states, pounding rain, flooding and no sleep.

No, I am quite sure a pillow over the face would be seen as justified. Excuse me while I go rearrange the bedding. Perhaps I can still get an hour’s sleep.


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