Livin’ the Dream

It’s been a busy week. Driving back from Alabama last week through hell’s weather on earth, trying to get cleaned up and unpacked before work Monday morning, bin Ladin’s assassination, 800+ email to plow through, J back inside Afghanistan, lawn clean up, and planning Mother’s Day brunch; oh and Election Day! The world has become such a tiny place.

I’ve just returned from grocery shopping where I discovered for some odd reason that the cart token I purchased from the store a couple years ago sudden didn’t fir into the cart. WTF?! Checking that I was indeed in the correct parking lot and had the correct token in hand, I found an unlocked cart and headed for the so called, Customer Service desk.

“Did you get new carts?” I asked the gentleman behind the counter knowing full well this would not go well.

“wha??” was his response. He had the same look as the anime-barrista in Vancouver when I asked for a lactaid latte.

Stepping closer and speaking slowly and a little louder I asked again,

“Did you get new carts? My token suddenly does not fit” and  provided a visual demonstration of how the token is suddenly too large.

“No, No!” he exclaims and rambles off some other comments of which I cannot understand,perhaps in another language, but he does offer to give me a loony back for my token. Then suddenly he says the words, “new carts”

“So you did get new carts” I say. “And the tokens don’t fit?”

He shrugs.

“Are they coming out with new tokens”, I ask.

A negative. I hand in my token and get a loony back. Outstanding.

Now granted this is a minor inconvenience to me, but I can’t help noticing that it is typical of our culture. Change something, anything and someone will have missed a crucial component of how that change will impact on the end-user.

Now I like change for the most part. I think most of the things we have in our lives are improvements over the old way. I have a horror of outdoor toilets, can’t imagine communication without computers, cell phone and truly enjoy central heating in January. In fact, change is what gives me my pay cheques. But, any change bring consequences, desired and unexpected. Think it through, down the line to see how it will impact at the pointy end of the spear.

On another topic, but yet similar, I understand from the elctorial map of Canada I live with the fightened hipsters. I’m not entriely sure that is a correct assessment, and I am willing to bet the clown who labeled us as such has never been to Strathcona. Hippies, yes, but hispters are rare except on Saturday mornings when they drift down from their luxery lofts and mummy & daddy’s basement to clog the Farmer’s Market and sip Carmel Macchiatos on the sidewalk seats of the Starbucks. They don’t vote here, and are in all likelyhood, too emo to been step behind the cardboard divider.


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