Last night

You would think, that given a belief that May 21st is rapture day, the last place you would spend your last night on earth would be the Safeway store on 102. Those of us who will burning in the hell fires come Sunday needed to get some milk and bread, maybe a little probiotic yogurt, the righteous didn’t have other plans for last night?

It’s all rather odd of course, anticipating the end and poking fun at those believers. Few people ever believe their end will occur, imminently, but this, prediction, based on convoluted calculations derived from a badly written, compilation of various authors with atrocious editing, well, it reminds me of The Fetch and his insane ramblings of Isis and Zions and who knows what. I believe he predicted the end too, only based it on some other obscure calculations that everyone else was simply too stupid to understand.

Walking out of the Safeway and into the warm spring evening, it was like winter had never been. The cold, dead grip winter had on the city miraculously gone and once again, those long twilights of the northern gods spread out over the city. Warm smell of  may trees mix with the perfect quality of the air and the best sunsets ever. How could anyone think this would end tomorrow?

But for a good time read the twitter rapture pick up lines at #RapturePickupLines

I wonder, as I drive off enjoying the evening, if a sudden decrease in world population by 200 million true believers would bring the food prices down – cause that was just ridiculous – a loaf of bread, liter of milk, 3 containers of yogurt, tea, coffee = $50.

Now that just might be a sign of the apocalypse


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