The lost bar of soap

I think I may have stumbled upon the reason for declining hand hygiene. The loss of the bar soap.

I’ve recently come to discover that washing my hands with some gel or foamy cleanser just doesn’t do it for me. What I long for is a nice, palm-sized bar of soap. A nice fresh soapy smell is good too – no floral, ocean spray or tropical rain forest – just a plain old soapy smell, with the perfectly palm-sized bar that rolls over and over with so little effort when added to water.

I know there was rumor to bar soaps harbouring bacteria, but, let’s be real here – what DOESN’T harbour bacteria?! It is everywhere, we live in a cesspool of bacteria. If the act of rolling that nice firm bar of soap over and over to work up a sudsy lather and then rubbing the bubbles all around improves hand hygiene then so be it.

Long live the bar of soap.


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