Day 2 Facebook Free

Day 2 – Today will be 48 hours without Facebook. In the spirit of honesty I must acknowledge that I had not intended to quit FB, but rather discovered Friday afternoon that my account had been wiped out, or so FB tells me that it does not exist. I suppose it could be hacked, though the great FB god says the email associated with the account I set up does not have an account set up…regardless, I have taken teh opportunity by the hand and have chosen to see what life is like Facebook Free. I may even start a movement.

I do notice a lack of awareness of the minutia of the lives of those friends and relatives I had linked to. Do I really need to know what cousin is having with her coffee this morning and what stupendous feat of childhood her children have now accomplished such as doing their homework? (Truthfully I had removed her from my recent update feed months ago)

I orignially joined FB to check up on my youngest child online – and yes, I did notify her. As she is an adult now it may just be time to not be quite so aware of all the things she does. Privacy is a big issue for me and I firmly believe there can be too much sharing.

How has my life changed without FB – incrementally I think. I don’t see the most recent photos of the grand children. That is the total of my loss, which I admit is a big loss for me.

Mybe they can email me


Living Free

Well here it is, suddenly, one fine fall afternoon – in fact the first day of fall, the autumnal equinox 2011 and without warning or reason and event is thrust upon me with unknown or anticipated consequences.

What could this significant event be? I am, quite suprisingly, eliminated from FB. My account no longer exists and no attempts to log in or recover the account as successful.

Now I am wondering how exactly this will impact my life. This FB account is used primarily to watch grandchildren grow, check up on children living away and hearing from relatives near and far on what they ate for lunch or how far they ran today. I have a professional FB page used for work realted activities which I keep free of personal information. Of late I have found the modifications to FB irritating at most, and I considered leaving altogether for no more reason that it bored me. Now it is forced upon me.

Does this bother me? Frustrate me? I’m not sure. I really don’t care much about Mark’s empire of privacy invasion, so in many ways I am perfectly pleased with this rejection. He is young and does not seem to get me, or even care to understand the needs and wants on my generation. A part of me wonders if I will fail to be in the know about the latest things going on and how will that effect my social interactions. A larger part of me says that I interact socially with the same people on a daily basis that are related to me by blood and who I can call or text anytime, so really, how does FB enhance my relationship with them?

So I think I will try it – living FB free, for 2 weeks and evaluate to see whther it is really something I NEED in my life.

When I post this I wonder if it will post on the FB page I no longer have. If it does and you see it, all you out there know how to contact me. Email. phone, you know, the old fashion ways.

Welcome to the new world order

Living the Lie

Another Sunday, another load of laundry, another trip to visit mum and pick up groceries. Sitting watching the chickadees battle the sparrows for possession of the feeder I am very much aware of how, not only the weekend has slipped away, but also the summer, and if being truthful, my life. I would like to capture and paste to a mobius strip this point in time, a ground hog day of sorts where contentment with puttering in the garden, having another cuppa in the sunshine and watching the birds is embraced.

I’ve just returned to my computer from adding the rinse agent and have secured another latte with a sprinkling of cinnamon on top. The sparrows seem to have taken the hill. Such are the simple things in life that are good. I hear the nostaligic sounds of the ice cream man in the neighbourhood and I know that somewhere along the way I started to listen to the lie and then to believe it transforming it into a truth.

You know that truth. That truth that working hard at a job will get you something, somewhere down the years. The truth that investing for a retirement will mean freedom 55, or that owning a house is a worthwhile goal for all. Education means better paying job, vacines cause autism, increased security means increased safety, food from within 100 miles is better for you and the environment. These truths, and others of varying truthiness, which are in thier own truth, simply opinions put forward in the hopes that expressing an opinion in firm, stanch wording will move it from ‘I wish and hope this to be true’ to ‘this is true’.

Believe enough impossible things before breafast and by supper you will have bought the lie. From there is is but a small step to living it.

We all lie to ourselves and create our own Truthiness to which we turn to for comfort and direction. Unable to face an existence spinning wildly around a massive burning inferno, living on the edge of doom, we smile and stretch in the warmth of the sun and plan for a retirement basking, relaxing and avoiding looking directly into the face in the mirror.

We have quite a few sayings in our culture about truth. It will set you free, it is stranger than fiction, it cannot be hidden, it is inconvertable, it is precious, self-evidnet…all true and all lies. There is but one truth.