Living Free

Well here it is, suddenly, one fine fall afternoon – in fact the first day of fall, the autumnal equinox 2011 and without warning or reason and event is thrust upon me with unknown or anticipated consequences.

What could this significant event be? I am, quite suprisingly, eliminated from FB. My account no longer exists and no attempts to log in or recover the account as successful.

Now I am wondering how exactly this will impact my life. This FB account is used primarily to watch grandchildren grow, check up on children living away and hearing from relatives near and far on what they ate for lunch or how far they ran today. I have a professional FB page used for work realted activities which I keep free of personal information. Of late I have found the modifications to FB irritating at most, and I considered leaving altogether for no more reason that it bored me. Now it is forced upon me.

Does this bother me? Frustrate me? I’m not sure. I really don’t care much about Mark’s empire of privacy invasion, so in many ways I am perfectly pleased with this rejection. He is young and does not seem to get me, or even care to understand the needs and wants on my generation. A part of me wonders if I will fail to be in the know about the latest things going on and how will that effect my social interactions. A larger part of me says that I interact socially with the same people on a daily basis that are related to me by blood and who I can call or text anytime, so really, how does FB enhance my relationship with them?

So I think I will try it – living FB free, for 2 weeks and evaluate to see whther it is really something I NEED in my life.

When I post this I wonder if it will post on the FB page I no longer have. If it does and you see it, all you out there know how to contact me. Email. phone, you know, the old fashion ways.

Welcome to the new world order


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