Day 2 Facebook Free

Day 2 – Today will be 48 hours without Facebook. In the spirit of honesty I must acknowledge that I had not intended to quit FB, but rather discovered Friday afternoon that my account had been wiped out, or so FB tells me that it does not exist. I suppose it could be hacked, though the great FB god says the email associated with the account I set up does not have an account set up…regardless, I have taken teh opportunity by the hand and have chosen to see what life is like Facebook Free. I may even start a movement.

I do notice a lack of awareness of the minutia of the lives of those friends and relatives I had linked to. Do I really need to know what cousin is having with her coffee this morning and what stupendous feat of childhood her children have now accomplished such as doing their homework? (Truthfully I had removed her from my recent update feed months ago)

I orignially joined FB to check up on my youngest child online – and yes, I did notify her. As she is an adult now it may just be time to not be quite so aware of all the things she does. Privacy is a big issue for me and I firmly believe there can be too much sharing.

How has my life changed without FB – incrementally I think. I don’t see the most recent photos of the grand children. That is the total of my loss, which I admit is a big loss for me.

Mybe they can email me


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