Goats Needed, Apply Here.

I think I might have been Burned Out. All I want to do is eat chocolate covered cereal and immerse myself in science fiction novels. I think that is one of the serious signs of Burnout. And I took a self-test on the interwebs and it said, “You may be at very severe risk of burnout – do something about this urgently”. Seems pretty clear.

Plus I’ve lost my sense of humour. Probably at the staff meeting where one of the pernicious, pathological personality disorders contminated the area with vitriol and malignancy.

Thing is, I am pretty sure that being aware I have it, does not translate into doing something about it. That seems to be one of the symptoms of burnout – inability to change what you are doing. The interwebs also tells me ” You may feel let down or betrayed by your organization, and may be “going through the motions” just for the money your job brings in”

I think they know where I work.

The advice online says to use this as an opportunity for personal growth. Do a SWOT analysis and develop and Action Plan.

Well here’s my analysis – too many Toxic Trolls have crawled out from under their bridges. The pathology has spread, contagion is likely, PPEs are useless.

 My Action Plan – get some goats.


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