One million pissed off women


I’ve heard and observed in the past few years that this current generation of young women see feminists as a bad word, a joke, completely irrelevant to their lives. Apparently the Women’s Liberation Movement was just a bunch of dykes trying to cause trouble. It was ancient history and had about as much meaning to these young women as the price of cat toys in the Kalahari.

Enter the new conservative age. I keep hearing that saying in my head about ‘those who ignore history are doomed to repeat history’ It seems that suddenly over night the image of a female as an object has returned enforce…of course it never really went away completely, but there were days and even years where the playboy image of the prefect woman was not quite so prominent and popular. Sure now they have wings instead of ears and a fluffy tail, but still just as disturbingly plastic, and as far away from a real female as one could get. The Stepford women have returned and they have a reality show.. Only this time is isn’t a horror movie, it is real life.

And buried deep within this is once again the reproductive issue of what a woman can do with her own body. It seems that there is a very powerful group of men who want you to do only one thing with your body and they don’t want to be inconvenienced by any other ideas you may have about what rights you may have to decide. Sure, right now they are carefully covering it all up under the guise of employers having the right to refuse to have birth control covered by your health insurance policy and on first superficial blush it could sound almost reasonable. But there is a darker agenda here and it involves the abolition of abortion, birth control and any future for women to decide for themselves. The Quiverful families and their frightening conditioning is a tide rolling out of the US to establish a Meca of Christian right that will make the Iranian laws against women seem like a 1st draft. Already, this past week we have seen women refused the right to testify before the US congress on the matter of contraceptive benefits. A man’s right to religious belief supersedes a woman’s right to medical treatments to improved health.

It would be amusing if it wasn’t so disturbingly familiar and horrifying. I thought we had left those days behinds us, I thought ‘You’ve come a long way baby’ held enough truth to let women live independent lives, able to choose freely who and what they wanted for their futures.

Instead The Handmaiden’s Tale is just an election away and the religious fanatics are building the world in their image.

Stop being afraid they will comes for your guns. They are at the door demanding your uterus. You’d best google Women’s Movement, Feminists and Women’s Liberation girls, you are going to need to know the landscape and it is going to get ugly.

the greater the power given to the government, the less likely they will ever relinquish it.

US House bill 462 would require every woman undergoing an abortion to first have an ultrasound and the woman would be required to view the image of the fetus before undergoing an abortion. To make it even nastier, most abortion take place before 12 weeks and an abdominal ultrasound can’t pick up the heart beat early on. If no heart beat can be obtained the woman is required to under go a trans-vaginal ultrasound, an invasive insertion of a probe to obtain the required images and heart beats. Required.

What the fuck you say? well that’s just those crazy Americans, doesn’t effect us, safe and sound up here. And true, the government has no business in the bedrooms or doctor’s offices of the country, but doesn’t it make you just a little bit uncomfortable? Or are you already a boiled frog?



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