Band-aid Health Solutions Inc.

Lately when I finally get home from work I feel like I need to eat chocolate, fat and anything else I can find that is not good for me. Is it a subconscious desire to punish myself for continuing at BHS, or is it I am so used to feeling at the end of my resources that chocolate seems like a reasonable supper choice?

It was another sunny day in the centre of mediocrity where our motto is, ‘We tried’. Handwaving and finger-pointing along with abrupt, raised voice was the strategy used by the aspbergers tainted intensivist to impress upon us all his displeasure. Sure, sure, the night staff screwed the pooch when, as soon as the managerial types were safely tucked in at home  asleep, they cancelled the patient transfer from the icu citing, umm, ah – we can’t possibly take that patient. And sure, sure, the early morning crashing patient on the ward who hadn’t been seen since at least 04:00, maybe 24:00 and was last documented as, ‘sleeping comfortably’, needed an icu bed STAT which wasn’t available because the afore said night staff decided they needed to have their rotating nap schedule adhered to instead of taking the post op ent patient from icu. Sure, sure, admitting the crashing patient to that unit would show them – well not exactly since those night staff have already gone home and now the semi-innocent day shift gets shit on by the physician. And yeah, the physician seeing the 3rd MET call on then ward and it isn’t even 9am yet, was having a hard time being heard over the intense intensivist having a hissy fit over where the patients were on the shifting deck chairs.

sigh. Locked in my office, knowing the trickle down of the level of pissedoffedness out there is going to dribble down to the bedsides and that the sniper attacks will continue through the day and likely the night.

Let the stupidity games begin. What? That RRT brought the EKG machine to the bedside and hooked up the patient and ran the EKG that was ordered? WTF! What kind of world is it where a nurse can’t just be in control of everything – if the RRTs start helping out they it is a sign of nurses being replaced and ‘squeezed’. The blurring of boundaries of role activities is now on the list of nursing concerns.

No, no, preventing hospital acquired infections is not a concern, but boy that RT over there is eying my transducers and damn if he isn’t leveling it! How dare he!

Oh and can you please come up with a consistently enforced practice around patients and families using cell phones in the rooms? Because some nurses let them and some nurses don’t and when I, as one of the don’ts tell them they can’t, it makes me look bad. And why do I care? well, because I neeeeed to be in control. And besides BHS has a policy.

Ah yes, back to BHS. and finally as the day twists down, an email pings and instead of ignoring it and walking out the door, I peek and regret my actions. Seriously. A policy on trust. Someone is getting paid $100,000.00+ per year to make this shit up.

When you get to legislating trust you know you are in deep shit.


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