Diary entry 5 years in the future

Journal Day 1 October 31, 2017

Grammie always told me that to be a nurse you needed head, heart and hands. None of these things alone was enough or you would be a lopsided nurse lurching crookedly from crisis to crisis. Grammie should know, she was a nurse in the Afore Times for 40 years and then right through the shortages, the plague and the dying off. Her mother, my great-grammie was also a nurse and HER mother before that too! So that means, when I graduate, I will be a 5th generation nurse! Grammie laughs and says we are a dynasty!

Started learning to be a nurse today, official, but my grammie and my mum have been teaching me since I was born I think. Wash your hands! Eat some fiber! Open the windows! Go for a walk! My colouring books were anatomy colouring books and my favourite game was Operation where you got a buzz if you were not steady enough to take out the funny bone. When I learned to sew, I learned how to use a sewing machine and how to hand sew including how to do stitches. When I learned to cook I learned how to sterilize jars and things and how to keep food safe to eat.

But today was the first day of classes and my teacher said that we are going to start with Nurstery – which is the history of nursing up to today.  The first reading is called The Lady with the Lamp and is about Florence Nightingale, of course. Grammie and mum told me about her, being nurses, but now I get a chance to read what she wrote and find out all about how nursing got started. I am very excited and proud, cause nursing is a very honourable work, despite what the vids say.

Also my teacher said we should keep a journal of how we are changing into nurses. Real Nurses, she said. And then she said we would learn about Real Nurses later. I wonder if there are unReal Nurses? Maybe I will ask Grammie or mum.


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