Crisis of faith

I’ve overdosed on caffeine today. It happens occasionally, thought not often. And the intense dizziness ifs back. Connection? I hadn’t thought of it before, but with my mind spinning and rushing off in all directions simultaneously, the paths have crossed and the possibility is presented. All to the sound track of Inside Out by the Traveling Wilburys

Ironic, that given the crisis in the pharmaceutical delivery system in our true north strong and free, that the one one very successful drug delivery system should push me into over dose range. Not that I get my drug from timmies or even the star system. I create it at home with the loving care of my Kurig machine – which, given it is saturday and I have fewer demands and much fewer meeting, allows me to wander into the kitchen and jetson-stye, push a button and get a coffee. But I digress…

It has been a rude awakening the past few weeks, to discover that 90% of our injectable drugs come from a single source in Quebec. It seems that no one knew this prior to the looming catastrope. How this happens, I don’t know, and neither does anyone else I am dealing with as we try to dance around the titanic avoiding the shifting deck chairs and screaming passengers.

In case you are having trouble following the crisis, simply:

1. Sandoz Canada supplies the majority of generic injectable drugs for the Canadian health system. Drugs for things like treating cancer, pain, cardiac emergencies and for surgery. They also provide a portion of these products to the US market.

2. The FDA warned Sandoz to clean up their act several times last year. They told them that their quality control on injectable was not very quality and they they needed to fix the problems or they would not be able to ship to US.

3. Sandoz didn’t tell us in Canada that they had problems until the 11th hour when they had to shut down production in order to fix the problems. Some drugs the production was only slowed down.

4. Fire in the Sandoz plant last weekend shut the whole thing down.

5. Critical national shortages of essential medications have been seen across the country.

6. Alternative sources have been sought, but regulations to import could delay those supplies

So those are the players and the moves made so far.  And now after only a couple weeks of this, I am over dosing on caffeine, eating bread and trying to find a way to let those pushing the drugs know what they will have to work with today without overwhelming them with the mass alert notifications about a bunch of drugs they never use. I am wondering if the successful drug delivery systems can provide some tips on how to make sure we all have the drugs we need when we need them. Tim’s certainly has the idea – a dispensary on every corner, production is clean, quick and fresh. How do we make that work?

OMG – you think nursing school is time consuming and stressful?  And the best parts are working 3 days and wearing pajamas to work? no wonder the profession is circling the drain. There seems to be an increasing number of graduates who really don’t know what the job they have just spent thousands of dollars learning to do, is really about. Yes. This is a stressful job. Very stressful in most cases. Sick people have issues. Quite a few. And yes, it IS about them. Get your hair out of your face, take those damn false nails off and wear a shirt that covers your freaky tattoos and belly. You may think because you like working at Starbucks serving demanding customers that delivering a meal tray and following doctors around with a clip board will be fun and fashionable. You would be wrong. There are things you will see that will scar you forever. PSTD will become part of who you are. Coffee and licorice is a regular meal plan.

Did I mention that it will kill you?



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