Full of sound and fury…

The wailing started yesterday at about 10 am and when I left at 16:00 it was still occurring. A woman of indeterminate age and of middle-eastern origins was allowing the universe to be aware of her grief, displeasure, fear and I frankly don’t know what else…

It is a common enough occurrence; Surrounded by family and health care providers and clergy of every sort the bereaved inflicts upon us all, their personal tragedy.

No stranger to grief, I understanding the pain, fear and complete on my own level, but still wince and clench my insides when the grief wail goes on and on.

Being that I view culture as an expression of biology and so  behaviours an expression of what we do to survive, I wonder what this wailing achieves. In infants it ensures a notification of the adults within ear range that something is wrong and help is needed. Is the adult wail a response to pain so great that the individual has reverted to a helpless infant-like state? Or is it, as some would suggest, a calculated behaviour to bring attention?

Hell I can barely understand my own inner workings. All I do know is that the wail of the banshee draws us down into our core, fearful that she might just wail for us.