The introvert’s lamment

Why oh why, great organizational gods must we ‘share’ with strangers in meetings?


I am not sure where this obscenity came from, who is the evil behind this, but I am betting it was some extrovert who thinks introverts are quiet and removed simply because they are shy and afraid to share.

Well I have one this to say,

Screw off!

We are removed and quiet and not sharing because that is how we like it.  It doesn’t mean we don’t have something to add, and when we do we will add it.  Stop trying to force us into your definition of normal organizational behaviour.  I don’t want to be social because I have only so much energy to give to this job and when you decide I need to use it up on social chitchat I have less to give to the actual productive work I need to do.


So just stop.

Today I thought I would attend a morning session highlighting some of the quality improvement activities that various departments have undertaken.  There was some very interesting projects about reducing ED visits by having paramedics assess and treat in place, a unit process to accelerate getting patient a picc so they could go home and a study about errors and how it impacts health care providers to make an error.  Interesting stuff

And then it occurred.  Before the next session we were all give a piece of paper with a number on it.  And the host stood up and told us what RCT meant.  Now t most of us it means randomized controlled trial.  But here, in this setting it means randomized coffee test.  Basically you are supposed to find the person with the same number as you and spend 10 minutes talking about an improvement project you are doing – or some such thing.  I stopped listening about then.  Especially when she said no sneaking out.  And that there was no coffee.

Seriously.  If I wanted to talk to anyone about my projects I have plenty I can call.  if I want to talk to strangers I ride the bus each day.  I take a book for a reason.

What insecurity is it that extroverts house that means they have to force introverts out of their comfort zone and into 10 minutes akin to wearing an itchy wool sweater that is too small and the seams are crooked?  Why can’t we just be?

It is a daily struggle now that I share an office.  There is social conversation at least three times a day each session lasting for 30-40 minutes.  Topics range from christmas lights, to carrie fisher and then back to christmas lights. And from down the hall I can heard the cpr training AEDs directing those who will never use the training to deliver a shock

And that leaves me 1.5 hours to be productive when everyone goes home.